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Free Online Character Witness Documents & Templates

  • This character witness form and its instructions will guide you through creating a character witness affidavit for a defendant in a Federal or State criminal case as well as other civil type cases such as divorce and child custody.A Character Affidavit is a sworn statement made by someone vouching for the good character of another person with whom they are personally familiar. Using a Character Affidavit, an "affiant" declares that an individual is of good moral character, states how long he or she has been acquainted with this person, and gives details and insight into the person's personality and lifestyle. Character Affidavits are typically requested during court cases, new employment reference requests, or some other venture where good moral character is required. Before you begin, you will need the length of time you have known the person and details on your relationship that you will swear to. - Someone has asked you to make a sworn statement of their good and moral character.

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      S. Bates - I downloaded this character witness form for my brother who is going through a divorce. I used it to give it to the courts on his behalf. Thank you for being there for me with this document.

      T. Howard Smith - I was able to use this letter and customize it to fit my needs. This document was used for me to give the court a document related to my fiends character. He was looking at a lengthy prison sentence so we needed all of the character witness letters we could get.


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